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Posted: Wednesday, May 7th, 2014



Happy National Pet Week, everybody! As the creators of coloring pages, science fair projects, and activities that revolve around animals of all kinds, we’re pretty big fans of pets over here at Over the years, we’ve discovered that our freelance photographers aren’t just talented artists—they own some of the cutest animals we’ve ever seen. Below, we’ve listed three of the stars of our activity and science fair sections. Meet three of our favorite furry, fuzzy mascots of

dollyName: Dolly
Pet Parent: Alycia Aragon, Activity and Science Fair Photographer
I live in: San Jose, California
My favorite food is: Anything that Mommy or Daddy is eating.
How I found my family: I was the only survivor of my litter. My dog mom was very shy so I didn’t get a lot of experience with other dogs. Luckily, my human parents were allowed to take me home one weekend and soon after were told they could keep me forever!
Hobbies and Interests: Playing with stuffed toys, fetching the ball and not giving it back, shredding paper towels, finding dust bunnies, digging in blankets, eating treats, and being a good girl!
As Seen In: T-Shirt PillowAre Dogs Colorblind?Praise vs Food, Pup Tent 


Name: Oreo
Pet Parent: Meghan Smolka, Photographer and Activity Writer
I live in: Santa Cruz, California
My favorite food is: Bacon Treats
How I found my family: I met my family at the orphanage!
Hobbies and Interests: I love to stretch out and warm my belly in the sun, chase flies and squirrels, and take up the whole bed at night.
As Seen In: Dog Massage


Name: Milo
Pet Parent: Beth Levin, Activity Writer
I live in: Portland, Oregon
My favorite food is:
How I found my family:
Happy Valley Pugs
Hobbies and Interests:
Chewing rawhides, playing with my family, cuddling in blankets, sitting on laps, walking, and attending pug meet-ups in Portland.
As Seen In:
Host a Dog Wash!Doga

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