Off with their heads! Kid product package designers must be punished!

Posted: Tuesday, August 26th, 2008


I mentioned that I’m volunteering at Whiz’s school for lunch duty once a week.  So far so good, but I just want to say that I think whoever designed individual string cheese packaging should be tied to a chair in an elementary school cafeteria for a 24 hour period and forced to listen to 72 children calling out (with a shrillness only the under 10 set can achieve)….

“Whiz’sMom! can you open my string cheese?” 

“Whiz’sMom!  can you open my string cheese PUUULLEEEZZZEEE?”

“Whiz’sMom – I’m STARVING!  Can you please open my string cheese?” 

“Whiz’sMom!  I can’t open my cheese! Can you heeeelllllp meeeeeee?????”

Why do they even bother printing “pull here” on the package when they know very well those two tabs are never going to pull apart to release that cheese.  They know the opening adult is going to have to resort to scissors or their own teeth so printing “pull here” really just adds insult to injury. 

And there are other kid product packages that seem to have been designed specifically with parental torture in mind right?  What the beeeeepppppp are those metal twist tie things that are voluminously fastened to every toy my kids get?  And is there not a better way to wrap a miniature straw and attach it to the side of a juice box?  Do the designers of those little gems not know that 83% of those straws are opened by someone driving a mini van that’s going 42 miles an hour?!?

So that’s something I’d like to see show up in an upcoming presidential debate…Who’s got the power to make a law that says products packaged for kids have to be able to be opened by kids? 

And for everyone out there packing lunches please have a little mercy on the volunteer lunch lady and skip the string cheese! ;-)

By the way, here’s an article on with lots of fun lunch ideas.  My kids tried the MightyMunch kids meals and loved them. 

What kid products have you used that make YOUR life harder or more frustrating?  What do your kids use that you LOVE because it makes your life easier?  Share your best kid product tips here in a comment.  We’ll choose one commenter at random to win a prize from the treasure chest (an office full of toys, books, and kid-gear galore).  Be sure to include your email on the comment form so we can contact you if you win (it won’t appear on the website). 

4 Responses to “Off with their heads! Kid product package designers must be punished!”

  1. Kim F Says:

    I have to say the Laptop Lunches “bento box” lunchbox has really changed my life. Not only is it a nice little environmentally friendly product (goodbye paper lunch sacks and plastic baggies!) but it has little compartments that are just the right size for kid portions. Those 4 little compartments also remind me to put protein, veggies, fruit and a little treat in everyday. So even if they don’t get eaten everyday, I know they are presented everyday.

    I also think whoever thought of twistable crayons and colored pencils should get a medal. I LOVE the always sharpened, unbreakable, no paper tearing aspect of these.

  2. Pam S. Says:

    Skip the cheese stick and go with the cheese ball. Babybel makes cheese wrapped in coloful wax that is easy to open for kids and for some reason they find it fun, too. BTW, the yogurt sticks on the go have the same opening issue but if you are going to use them keep them in your freezer and they stay cold until lunch.

  3. Kat Says:

    Kim F and Pam S…these are GREAT suggestions! Thanks!

  4. Apply food stamp Says:

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