Should I kick the habit?

Posted: Monday, August 4th, 2008


Yesterday it was 97 degrees. I was already sweating when I got dressed for my run. (Those who know me understand that I say “run” because it’s more efficient than saying “a-fast-walk-that-lets-me-listen-to-music-that’s-not-about-farm-animals- for-thirty-minutes”).

Anyway, to try to beat the heat I threw on a cropped exercise top that I have to admit I usually reserve for yoga classes and headed downstairs.

My six year old (who I’ll call Whiz in these posts – as in ‘Whiz Kid’ because I sometimes worry he’s a twinge smarter than I am) met me at the bottom and said “Mom. Why do you not have on a bigger shirt?”. (Cute how he said that huh? … “bigger shirt”).
I confidently said “Well, it’s ninety-seven degrees out and I’m going for a run. Is that a problem?”

“Yeah.” He said “It’s a problem”.

Stare down.

I honestly didn’t know what to do! Do I take a cue from my six year old…let me say that again…. SIX year old and dig up an old nun’s habit to throw on for my run in the 97 degree heat? Or do I stay practical, stay cool, and go out in my completely appropriate – albeit cropped – running shirt?

I ended up staying with my original choice but I wondered if that was the right call the whole time I was out. I was comfortable on the outside – which was my goal. But my insides were churning with the discomfort I always feel when I do something to dissapoint my kids.

Do your kids care what you wear? Do you give them a say in your day-to-day decisions? Have you ever changed an outfit on the advice of a child? Add a comment to the conversation.

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  1. Dorothy Says:

    My daughter always tells me I should wear dresses more often. Wearing a dress does not make much sense to me when I am toting around two children and their gear while running between meetings and juggling all of the rest of life’s demands. However, she does remind me I have a feminine side and that dress up (without the tiara) is OK for a mom.

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