And the winners are…..

Posted: Monday, September 8th, 2008


Thanks so much to all who have commented to our new blog so far.  As promised we’re cleaning out our ‘treasure chest’ and active readers reap the rewards!

Congrats to this weeks winners!  Kim F. will be receiving Playmobil’s new Circus Ring - a really cool toy big top complete with trapeze artists, a ticket booth, and a lit stage.  Playmobil sets the stage and your kid’s imagination brings it to life!  Pam S. will be receiving Lego’s Technic Cherry Picker.  With a working motor and battery box, these are not your daddy’s Legos!

 Also, I saw a cute blog post about another mom’s first day of kindergarten experience that I thought you all might enjoy.  Click here to read it.  (And she also seems to be a fan of which is always nice!)

Keep leaving comments….more winners will be announced next week.

Hope you’re all settling into the new school year!

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