God’s gift to moms

Posted: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008


I love Education.com’s back to school gear guide but I was feeling a little jealous that all the gear was for the kids!  Don’t we moms deserve a little treat for keeping the little darlings in one piece all summer and getting them back to the class room clean and healthy with all their supplies purchased and their lunch boxes packed?

One of my best girlfriends just sent me the perfect back-to-school mom gift and suddenly I’m not feeling quite as left out.   It’s a Busy Body Family Organizer.  Yes, I realize it’s sad – ok pathetic – that I’m this juiced about a calendar but …that’s my life right now!  The thing that makes the “BB Book” (as we now call it) is the way the weekly calendar pages are organized – kind of a chart with a column for each family member and a row for each day of the week.  So every morning I can look across a row to see what we have to accomplish as a fearsome foursome.  I can also take periodic looks down each column to make sure neither of my kids is too overbooked for the week.  It’s also pretty stylish and has some fun features like space to write your favorite take out places (not that I’VE ever had a last minute “there’s nothing for dinner” emergency). 

If you’re in the market for a new calendar, check this one out!

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