Boo! What’s your best Halloween story? Share to win!

Posted: Friday, October 31st, 2008


The big day is finally here…Happy Halloween!  Even before the big night, we’ve had a couple of memorable Halloween moments in our house.  Last weekend we had a Halloween party attended by 17 ghosts and goblins.  Here’s the parade…

Speed is Batman this year and two Super Girls attended the party.  He walked around the party holding each of them by the hand proclaiming “I got TWO Super Girls!  I got TWO Super Girls!”  Most of the parents laughed.  The dads of the two Super Girls did not. 

For one of the games we played “Make your Mommy a Mummy” and armed each kid with a roll of toilet paper which ended up being quite hilarious!  

Oh and I also got a kick out of seeing Speed as Batman, my husband as his faithful sidekick Robin, and my father-in-law as Superman.  Three generations of super heroes under one roof!


3 generations of super heroes!

3 generations of super heroes!

I think my favorite Halloween story though is actually my brother’s who, when he was 4, spent weeks getting excited to dress up as a ghost.  On the big night my mom got him dressed and let him look in the mirror and he got so scared that he refused to leave the house for trick-or-treating and went right to bed.

What are YOUR best and favorite Halloween moments (your own or your kids’).  I have five copies of the brand new Wiggles DVD called Sing a Song of Wiggles to give away.  (It’s a brand new  collection of your favorite foursome performing a nursery rhymes and original songs by the Wiggles – not even available in stores until November 7th).  We’ll send a copy of the DVD to five commenters chosen at random on November 3rd.  Make sure to put your email address on the comment form so I can contact you for shipping info if you win.

Wiggles DVD box

Wiggles DVD box

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  1. Mika Says:

    One of my most cherished Halloween memories was made when I met some friends for a costume party a few days before Halloween. Loving Halloween, I put together a very elaborate costume. I wore a very large dress with bustle, in a iridescent green fabric and a great big wig. I covered myself in vines and leaves and exotic flowers that extended outward with birds perched on them and nesting in my hair. My face was painted… I was an enchanted garden. I could barely fit into the taxi to get to the party. Upon arriving my friends let me know that they wanted to go to a different party. Great, let’s go! We get to the party and my friends, who only came with cowboy hats or cat ears, proceed to remove their “costumes” as we realize that this was not a costume party at all- just a party held on October 28th. Well I summoned up my inner Halloween diva and proudly wore my garden that night, even if I knocked some of the hors d’oeuvres off the table with my branches. The best part of my love for Halloween is the way I now get to pour that passion over my little girl and see her eyes light up with excitement! She is a very colorful peacock this year!

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