We’ve finally arrived….Education.com has a Fun Zone!

Posted: Tuesday, September 6th, 2011


A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to travel to San Diego with my talented and fun coworkers Danielle and Alex for BlogHer ’11.  We’re so grateful for all the amazing bloggers who share Education.com with their readers (more than 50 each month!) so we were excited to get to meet (or reconnect) with some of them at this zany, inspiring, exhausting event.

While it was great fun to meet all those amazing bloggers and to attend all those amazing sessions, the real highlight of the weekend for me was working with Alex and Danielle to create the Education.com Fun Zone at the Ford Family Picnic on the last day of the event.  After a kind introduction from the BlogHer team, Ford’s social media head genius Scott Monty invited us to be part of Ford’s event and gave us the goal of helping them “make sure bloggers have a kickass time and feel welcome to bring the whole family”. 

Were we up to the task?  You betcha!  And so was born the Education.com Fun Zone! 

The day of the event was spectacularly gorgeous and the Ford gang – led by the brilliant David Scully –  had scouted out a beautiful park in which to hold the event.  The Education.com Fun Zone was set up right in the middle of the action and we had three stations:  The Wiggle Zone was a taped off area chock full of hula hoops, balls, bubbles, rocket balloons, and other things to get all the little bodies busy.  Masterpiece Central was an area on the ground where kids could get messy with lots of painting activities (including the crowd pleasing salad spinner art station).  Finally, we had my personal favorite – the Make Your Own Rainstick Center

It was so fun to see all the kiddos (and their blogging parents) enjoying Education.com activities.  Their creativity and boundless energy were inspiring. 


We ended the day exhausted and covered in paint and grass stains.  And yet, when we finally sat down at a bar with the Ford team for a hard earned, um…lemonade.  We all said the same thing…”We can’t wait for our next outing with the Fun Zone!”  

Got a great idea for where we should break out the Fun Zone next?  Let us know about your favorite family event and we may just make an appearance!

Fabulous Finished Products
Fabulous Finished Products
Working hard in the Masterpiece Station!
Working hard in the Masterpiece Station!

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