Boost your Child’s Confidence this Summer with SuperCamp Camps for Kids and Teens

Posted: Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


SuperCamp camps for kids and teens build homework and study skills while also focusing on the importance of confidence and motivation in the learning process. The camps for kids and teens are designed to provide critical learning and life skills to help students succeed both academically and as individuals.

Many parents of middle school and high school students worry that their child lacks confidence in school.  Peer pressure and social anxities play a large role in academic success and can also be affecting academic success and confidence. is pleased to promote SuperCamp’s camps for kids and teens as a way to give your child the extra boost they need this summer. SuperCamps are a great alternative to traditional academic camps or summer school because they build life skills alongside learning skills.

SuperCamp’s 10-day sleepaway camps for kids and teens are held at eight colleges across the U.S., including Stanford and Cornell.  Your child will love the dynamic, high energy, and fun environment on SuperCamp campuses and return home ready for new challenges! supports SuperCamp’s camps for kids and teens because of the camps proven track-records and glowing testimonials from former campers and parents. Also, independent research shows that most of the 6,000 SuperCamp graduates report increases in grades, self-esteem, motivation, and confidence.

Learn more about these unique camps for kids and teens today!

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One Response to “Boost your Child’s Confidence this Summer with SuperCamp Camps for Kids and Teens”

  1. cath Says:

    great! this is really helpful!
    I’m speaking from experience, because when I was younger, I used to attend summer camps like this although those were with religious and personality development concentration, the essence and purpose is the same, so when I became a mother I also send my kids out to have the same experience.
    Also, there’s another way to boost the students confidence and success in their studies there’s that could help incoming middle school students prepare on the next level of their student life. They have Study Skills Curriculum and Organizational Skills Curriculum which are very essential to produce good achievers students.

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