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Posted: Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

By: is excited to announce a new partnership with, a leading provider of custom school and team apparel.  School apparel and gear is now easy to find, customize, and afford.  SchoolFinder school profiles include individual school gear stores, where you can customize your school’s t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, or any other spirit gear.  Put your name on the item, include your school mascot, and make it your own! I can’t wait to get a new Stevenson Patriots sweatshirt from my old high school… or get my niece excited about her new school with some school gear of her own.

Head back to school with spirit! Just in time for back to school savings, find your school and get your gear today!

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  1. Embroidery Says:

    Wow fantastic blog! Great read. I came across this blog while looking for some ideas about having my custom artwork printed on some T-shirts and clothing. To perhaps sell or market one of my other businesses (maybe even get my political points across). Does anybody have any idea of a good T-shirt printing service? I heard of Café press the buddy of mine told me to use USA tees. Any ideas?

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