What’s your school’s Walk Score?

Posted: Monday, March 22nd, 2010


We’re excited to announce that the Walk Score for all schools in the country is now included in our SchoolFinder resource.  A Walk Score allows parents to learn how walkable their school and surrounding neighborhood is, making walkability now part of the school decision process.

Walk Score aims to promote walkable neighborhoods to combat climate change, improve health, and strengthen communities.  As the latest Walk Score blog explains, fewer and fewer children are walking to school and the child obesity epidemic continues to rise.  Promoting the option to walk or ride a bike to school is one way to increase exercise for school-aged children.

Education.com is also excited to announce that Walk Score is the latest SchoolFinder Local Schools web service partner. Here’s a sample of how school information is included in Walk Score:

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2 Responses to “What’s your school’s Walk Score?”

  1. edudaddy Says:

    I just put in an address for a school in San Bernardino located in a very dangerous neighborhood. The walk score was 48, but honestly, there is no way in the world a kids would be safe walking within miles of this address. There are shootings, heavy gang presence, drugs available on every corner, and heavy traffic on numerous streets. I question the way you score these walkable areas. A person reading your score and deciding to take a walk in this area might easily end up dead (at the worst) or a crime victim is he or she were lucky.

  2. Aleisha Says:

    Aleisha from Walk Score here.

    We rate 48 as car dependent, which is very low in our scoring system.

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