Editor’s Picks: Coloring Pages That Take Me Back

Posted: Thursday, July 11th, 2013


Unlike many kids, instead of a dog or a cat, my first pet was actually many pets—a whole ragtag school of fish. At the local pet store, my sisters and I enthusiastically picked out a few tiny mermaidneon tetras, two strong-willed guppies, and a spotted catfish that we oh-so creatively named Snowy.

To house the newest members of the family, my dad set up a beautiful aquarium. We made sure that these fish would want for nothing. The bottom of the tank was padded with a generous layer of gravel and outfitted with plastic seaweed and coral of varying sizes and colors. At the center of this aquatic world was an elaborate, technicolor castle.

Over time, this pristine little aquatic world began to captivate my imagination. I watched the fish circle the castle and tried to imagine not only what they might be thinking or feeling, but also what it would be like to live among them, maybe as a mermaid. As a result of the endless hours spent peering into that glowing neon tank, my first ever pets and the world of fantasy would for me be permanently linked.

If your kid’s imagination needs a boost, our coloring pages are a great jumping off point, a portal of sorts that leads to the world of fantasy. As they color, kids will bring these pictures to life. Asking your boy or girl to tell you about what they have been coloring is a great way to help them cultivate their storytelling skills. Even if they don’t respond with a tale of their own, they’ll be exercising their creativity as they begin to consider different possible back stories for the characters and scenes they have colored.

From cars and horses to princesses and dragons, wherever your boy or girl’s interests may lie, we have a coloring page that’s sure to please. Check out these printables as well as many others in our extensive worksheets section.
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