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SchoolFinder Praised as Valuable Tool to Research Schools

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

On Friday, the Associated Press released a story, “Web sites help do the math to find a good school.” The article walked through a handful of sites, including, that allow parents to research and learn about local schools.

The article explains the variety of resources on our site, “ hosts stories on everything from child development to bullying, but also features a detailed catalog of public and private schools across the U.S.”

The article also highlights the school information available in SchoolFinder, “Like the other sites, parents can find a trove of testing data, teacher information and a demographic overview of the school’s student population. Look here for other details, such as the percentage of students who were absent more than 21 days, classified as gifted, or speak limited English.”

We also thought it was great that one our school information partners using our free school data web service,, was commended for allowing their users access to this valuable information was researching a home. The article explains that Zillow nicely places “the school results in the context of a home buying decision.”

We hope parents check out SchoolFinder and let us know what they think!