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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Since joining the staff of as an editorial assistant and staff writer, I’ve found out a lot about the wide world of education in this country. I’ve written about what kids are and aren’t learning in Sex Ed class, whether standardized testing is hurting our students, and the debate over extending the school day. (To be fair, I’ve also extolled the virtues of roller coasters and outlined how to throw a medieval birthday party: the stuff of journalistic dreams). But in my most recent article, I found something out that I would never, ever have guessed: remember how misbehaving children used to get paddled by school administrators, oh, mid-century or so? It’s still legal in over twenty states.

Yep, that’s right. Somewhere in our great nation an assistant principal is rolling up his sleeves and preparing to take aim at some child’s rear end with a wooden paddle or the deceptively soft palm of his bare hand. Does the image surprise you, disgust you, or give you the vague satisfaction of knowing that justice is being done? (more…)