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Fun and Educational Adventure Action Games

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Does your child love playing games online? Are you concerned that the games don’t have educational value or aren’t kid-friendly?  With children spending more and more time online, parents often wonder what games are best suited for their child.

JumpStart World is the perfect way to allow your child to immerse themselves in a highly creative and fun learning environment.  JumpStart World is the leader in adventure action games based on virtual and interactive 3D worlds developed specifically for your three to ten year old child.

With JumpStart World, academic fundamentals are incorporated into a vibrant world where kids can control their learning environment. These adventure action games are tailored to your child’s personal skill level and learning style. Your child’s preferences and abilities customize the 3D challenge-based games, allowing your child to both succeed and learn new skills.

With lovable characters and a curriculum based on national and state standards, JumpStart World’s adventure action games stimulate creativity, build confidence, and reward achievements.  See how JumpStart World works and get started today!

Reading Software for Early Readers

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Teaching a child to read can be daunting for many parents. Early readers need to practice a variety of skills and continue to review and challenge themselves in order to grow into fluent readers.  Although reading with your child is invaluable, many parents are looking for supplemental help for their early readers. recommends Headsprout’s premier reading software program to grow your young reader.

Headsprout reading software guides young readers through a series of Web-based, animated lessons. Learning to read is a fun adventure with Headsprout’s cast of animated characters that helps capture kids’ imaginations. At the core of this reading software program are the proven skills all children must master while learning to read.

Headsprout reading software is developmentally appropriate, organized into 80 Web-based interactive episodes, each between 15 and 30 minutes long.

The earliest episodes begin with the fundamentals, but the lessons gradually increase in difficulty, building upon the skills developed in previous sessions.  The reading software program includes detailed progress reports and a variety of printed books to practice independent reading off-line as well.

Check out these sample lessons and get started today!

Math Homework Help Now Available

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Are you looking for support with math homework?  Does your child struggle with completing math homework independently? Does math homework overwhelm your child?  These are all common concerns for parents, so we decided to let our community know about a great, affordable resource for math homework help.

The NutshellMath program from Discovery Education offers interactive explanations and demonstrations to the actual math homework problems in your textbook. Elementary school math homework, middle school math homework, and high school math homework are all covered, including Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Calculus subjects.

Over one hundred middle school, high school, and college math teachers created these interactive math homework explanations for students. Explanations are easy to follow and adapted for every type of learner, with visual and audio components. Simply by watching and listening to a video explaining the math problem, students learn how to independently solve the problem.

There are just three simple steps to using NutshellMath for online math homework help:

  1. Choose your textbook
  2. Type in the page number
  3. Choose the problem you need help with and view the explanation

Not only can you watch and listen to explanations to math homework problems, but also use NutshellMath practice quizzes to prepare for upcoming tests.

Browse sample math homework explanations and solve your child’s math homework difficulties today.

Boost your Child’s Confidence this Summer with SuperCamp Camps for Kids and Teens

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

SuperCamp camps for kids and teens build homework and study skills while also focusing on the importance of confidence and motivation in the learning process. The camps for kids and teens are designed to provide critical learning and life skills to help students succeed both academically and as individuals.

Many parents of middle school and high school students worry that their child lacks confidence in school.  Peer pressure and social anxities play a large role in academic success and can also be affecting academic success and confidence. is pleased to promote SuperCamp’s camps for kids and teens as a way to give your child the extra boost they need this summer. SuperCamps are a great alternative to traditional academic camps or summer school because they build life skills alongside learning skills.

SuperCamp’s 10-day sleepaway camps for kids and teens are held at eight colleges across the U.S., including Stanford and Cornell.  Your child will love the dynamic, high energy, and fun environment on SuperCamp campuses and return home ready for new challenges! supports SuperCamp’s camps for kids and teens because of the camps proven track-records and glowing testimonials from former campers and parents. Also, independent research shows that most of the 6,000 SuperCamp graduates report increases in grades, self-esteem, motivation, and confidence.

Learn more about these unique camps for kids and teens today!

Children’s Audio Books on

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Looking for a fun and easy way to help your child enjoy reading and build early literacy skills? Children’s audio books are a great way to introduce your child to the joys of reading and to discover great books.

Most parents and educators agree that children’s audio books help develop literacy skills and improve listening comprehension.  For example, the National Endowment for the Arts suggests that “children learn the nuances of narrative simply by listening to stories.”

AudibleKids children’s audio books offer thousands of audio books for all ages and interests. Simply download any children’s audio book onto your Apple® iPod®, MP3 player or computer and listen to stories anywhere or anytime.

AudibleKids has it all with the largest selection of digital children’s audio books, offering books on everything from classic fairy tales, mysteries, biographies, or novels. These downloadable books turn your iPod or computer into a learning tool for your child and allow for a fun, affordable way to share the joys of reading together. 

Browse children’s audio books to start sharing the joys of reading today!