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Weird Workday Discoveries: The Librarians of Congress

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Over the course of our workday, we editors often find ourselves learning all sorts of strange and amazing information about history, science and literature. We’d like to share some of our favorite finds with you. Today’s post is brought to you by The Library of Congress and editor Candice Abellon.

Did you know we’re only on our 13th Librarian of Congress? He was appointed in 1987.

As it turns out, our official Librarians of Congress are a pretty stylin’ bunch. In honor of how much we rely on the LOC around here and in keeping with the spirit of Historic Preservation Month, we’d like to salute all thirteen librarians and their stylish ways. Check out George Watterson, appointed in 1815, rocking the fauxhawk nearly 200 years before David Beckham made it famous:

George Watterson

See the full list of librarians here and watch how, though they’re all in suits and ties, the fashion evolves. Note the moustache makes a strong showing in the late 1800s.