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Math Homework Help Now Available

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Are you looking for support with math homework?  Does your child struggle with completing math homework independently? Does math homework overwhelm your child?  These are all common concerns for parents, so we decided to let our community know about a great, affordable resource for math homework help.

The NutshellMath program from Discovery Education offers interactive explanations and demonstrations to the actual math homework problems in your textbook. Elementary school math homework, middle school math homework, and high school math homework are all covered, including Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Calculus subjects.

Over one hundred middle school, high school, and college math teachers created these interactive math homework explanations for students. Explanations are easy to follow and adapted for every type of learner, with visual and audio components. Simply by watching and listening to a video explaining the math problem, students learn how to independently solve the problem.

There are just three simple steps to using NutshellMath for online math homework help:

  1. Choose your textbook
  2. Type in the page number
  3. Choose the problem you need help with and view the explanation

Not only can you watch and listen to explanations to math homework problems, but also use NutshellMath practice quizzes to prepare for upcoming tests.

Browse sample math homework explanations and solve your child’s math homework difficulties today.