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Fun and Educational Adventure Action Games

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

Does your child love playing games online? Are you concerned that the games don’t have educational value or aren’t kid-friendly?  With children spending more and more time online, parents often wonder what games are best suited for their child.

JumpStart World is the perfect way to allow your child to immerse themselves in a highly creative and fun learning environment.  JumpStart World is the leader in adventure action games based on virtual and interactive 3D worlds developed specifically for your three to ten year old child.

With JumpStart World, academic fundamentals are incorporated into a vibrant world where kids can control their learning environment. These adventure action games are tailored to your child’s personal skill level and learning style. Your child’s preferences and abilities customize the 3D challenge-based games, allowing your child to both succeed and learn new skills.

With lovable characters and a curriculum based on national and state standards, JumpStart World’s adventure action games stimulate creativity, build confidence, and reward achievements.  See how JumpStart World works and get started today!