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4 Youth Basketball Coaching Concepts That Translate to Classroom Teaching

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

I’ve coached basketball to kids of every age from 4 to 18, and I’ve found that sports not only teach life lessons to the kid wearing the jersey, but also the coach sitting on the bench (or standing, yelling and stomping his feet). Learning to coach basketball is a lesson in leadership, not just V-dribbles and jump stops. Here are four basketball coaching concepts that go much further than the hardwood.

1. Focus on fundamentals: Build skills, build them some more, and keep building them.

Many youth coaches make the mistake of teaching complicated strategic concepts while their players lack the physical skills to put these concepts into use. Good coaches teach the fundamentals—dribbling, passing, shooting and footwork—and practice them at every practice. In the long run, the kids become more skilled (more…)