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Year 1 - maths - word problems

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Nature Math

Let's go on a math hike! Read each word problem out loud, and figure out the addition or subtraction equation that it represents.

Bake Sale Math

Yum, let's whip up some tasty math problems! These bake sale word problems will satisfy your sweet tooth for math.

Candy Subtraction

Satisfy your mathematical sweet tooth with some candy subtraction word problems!

Jack and the Beanstalk Math

Jack and the Beanstalk math means counting beans, and adding up how many songs the magic harp knows how to play in word problems for young kids.

Story Math

See how math is used in the real world with these story problems! Test your child's mastery of multi-digit addition and subtraction.

Music Math

There's a sale at the music shop! Help keep track of inventory by solving these addition and subtraction word problems.

Bakery Math

Little chefs can use their addition and subtraction skills to solve these sweet word problems!

Story Math Problems

Help your child take a more challenging approach to addition and subtraction with these word problems.

Toy Addition

Introduce your little math whiz to word problems with this playful addition worksheet.

Post Office Addition

Practice math with the postman! Word problems are a great way to help her understand a basic math concept from a different angle.

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