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Preschool printables for 3 year olds

My daughter wants to be like her big brother-- she actually asks for "homework". This collection is a group of printables that work on skills appropriate for 3 year olds.
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Dice Game: Ice Cream Colors!

Take turns rolling in this dice game, and be the first to color your ice cream cone!

Alphabet Learning: Follow the A to Z Path

Race to the finish line by connecting letters A to Z. This fun maze is a great way to reinforce your preschooler's alphabet learning.

Cutting Circles: Build a Snowman

Kids use their cutting skills to build a cool snowman on this prekindergarten worksheet. This worksheet helps build fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Cut and Categorize #4

Which of these cute images are insects, and which are animals? Can your preschooler put them into categories?

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