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Dizzy Over Decimals: Rounding #1

Does your child need a little extra practice with decimal place values? This worksheet is the way to go.

Practice Statistics: Instrument Interviews

Can your fourth grader help Isabela draft a bar graph to demonstrate the information she's collected in her interviews?

Pictogram: Get Into Graphs

Introduce your second grader to graphs with this worksheet that asks kids to read a pictogram and answer a set of questions.

Reading Pictographs: Eggplant Cooking

Mr. Chef keeps track of how many eggplants he uses with a pictograph. In this worksheet, kids use information in the pictograph to answer word problems.

Pictograph Practice: Planting Trees

Ready for some pictograph practice? Build your child's graph literacy with a lesson on reading a pictograph about trees.

Pictograph Practice: Hamburger Cafe

Pictographs are a great introduction to working with data and graphs. Kids help the hamburger cafe compare the number of hamburgers they sold using pictographs.

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