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Paint a Butterfly Birthday Card

Your kindergartener will love being able to paint a beautiful butterfly, and the lucky recipient of the finished card will be just as delighted!

Making Wind Chimes

This beaded wind chime is fun to make and it gets kids experimenting with patterns, a key kindergarten math skill.

Non-Slip Socks

Non-slip socks are the perfect DIY gift that your kid can make for friends and family. Make a pair of non-slip socks with your kid for wholesome family fun.

Make a Miniature Gingerbread House

Make a miniature gingerbread house this holiday season--delight your child and sneak in some math and reading skills while you're at it.

Create a Gumdrop Topiary

Here's a fun math-oriented arts and crafts activity for your preschool or kindergarten child: create a gumdrop topiary and practice counting along the way.

Craft Cinnamon Christmas Ornaments!

Watch your children's delight as he crafts his teacher a cinnamon Christmas ornament--and learns some valuable measuring skills in the process!

Make a Tube Sock Snowman

These snowmen are easy to make, fun to decorate, and make cute stuffed companions that won't melt when spring comes! Here's how to get started:

Thumbprint Christmas Tree Cards

With a little guidance from parents, youngsters can create a Christmas tree using their thumb as a stamp.

Corn Kernel Necklaces

Make corn kernel necklaces this fall and help build your child's hand-eye coordination along with her fine motor skills.

Leaf Banner

This nature craft is a great way for your child to learn about the fall season and make a festive decoration to display in your home.

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