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Created by aherzeg

Mother's Day

(not rated)
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Family Tree Craft

Help your fifth grader trace your family's roots and interview all the living mothers to create a makeshift, 3-D family tree!

Love Punch

At your next Valentine's Day celebration, your fifth grader can show family and friends she loves them with some fresh, fruity drinks--made from scratch!

Easy Fudge

This Mother's Day, mix in some fifth grade science learning to create this fabulous fudge!

Lavender Pillow

Create a scented surprise for mom on Mother's Day! Make a pillowcase potpourri filled with dried lavender.

Mother's Day Flower Pot

Turn all those broken bits of plates, random buttons, or other odds and ends into a lovely flower pot for Mom on Mother's Day.

Color a Mother's Day Greeting Card

Greeting cards don't have to be store-bought, and this printable makes creating a homemade Mother's Day card even easier with a pretty design to color in!

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