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Feed the Kramsters! #5

This fractions exercise will have your child divvying up Kramster food into the right portions.

Math Riddles: Subtraction #1

Find out what fills a room, but takes up no space, with this riddle and math combo worksheet. Use subtraction skills to solve the riddle on this math worksheet.

Math Riddles: Addition #2

Why did the number 6 hate the number 7? 7 8 9 (seven ate nine)! Find more funny riddles to solve with this awesome addition worksheet.

Multiplication Mischief: West Coast USA

Can your fourth grader assist Zoey Chase in tracking down this conspicuous culprit? Working through these multi-digit multiplication problems is the first step!

Steer & Simplify #3

A practice worksheet on simplifying fractions, aimed at 4th-grade math students.

Division Duplication: 4th Grade

Mastering division facts is essential for every fourth grade student. Review the basics with your fourth grader on this fun worksheet.

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