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Words That Rhyme with "Shoe": Which One Doesn't Belong?

Looking for a worksheet to help your child's phonics skills? This printable will challenge his ability to identify words that rhyme with "shoe".

Word Families: Meet the "-it" Sound

Help your child with his reading skills by introducing him to word families with this phonics worksheet, which teaches the word family "-it".

Beginning Sounds Match-Up: Put It Away

Start your preschooler on the road to phonics success with this worksheet that asks her to match pictures with the same beginning sound.

Review Beginning Sounds F and H

What letter does the word "helmet" begin with? What about "fish"? Help your child practice beginning letters and sounds with this fun worksheet

Make a Word: Write the Missing Letter

Build your child's phonics skills with this reading and writing worksheet that challenges her to complete each word with the correct beginning letter.

C is for Cup: Review Beginning Sounds

C is for cup? This worksheet helps kids review beginning sounds by asking them to say the name of each picture and circle the letter it starts with.

Fun with Rhymes: Match and Color

Does train rhyme with plane or goat? Let your child decide as he completes this simple matching worksheet.

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