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Seasons Matching Game

Practice naming the seasons and hone your child's memory skills all in one fun match-up game!

Make a Match: Faces

Give your child a fun way to practice memorization with this Make a Match game, featuring your favorite smiley faces!

Flower Matching Game

Help your child become a master of memorization with this fun matching game!

Forms of Transportation

Take a look at different forms of transportation with your child, and build on her reading skills.

Food Memory Game

Looking for a way to strengthen your child's memorization? She'll have a blast playing this memory game with you, and she'll build study skills in the process!

Fruit Matching Game

Test your child's memory skills with a fun match up game! She'll get just a peek at each card, and try to match the pairs from memory.

Music Memory Game

How many musical matches can you make from memory? Give your child a fun challenge with a matching game!

Coloring Memory Game 1

Give your child a head start building memorization skills with a fun coloring activity! She'll get to try and recreate each picture by memory.

Halloween Memory Game

Get all your little Halloween monsters ready for memorizing! This memory match-up game will help improve memorization skills in a fun way.

Easy Animal Memory Game

This simple animal memory game will help preschoolers associate different sounds with the animals who make them.

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