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A Cupcake for Every Season

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Here's a collection of cupcakes for any time of the year.
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Fabulous "Fortune Cookie" Cupcakes

Your fifth grader will love dreaming up special fortunes and embedding them in mouthwatering cupcakes for friends and family.

“Fill them with resolutions. Great for a New Year's  Party!”

Groundhog Cupcakes

Add these fun chocolate Groundhog Day cupcakes to your holiday desert recipe repertoire! They're fun to make with your kids and a delicious winter snack.

Delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes

This year for Valentine's Day, you and your child can bake up a batch of classic red velvet cupcakes and learn more about the history of this vintage treat.

Rainbow Cupcakes

These gorgeous emerald green cupcakes are topped with a taffy rainbow and marshmallow fluff clouds for extra luck.

Passover Cupcakes

These potato yogurt cupcakes are a healthy and delicious treat to be shared during the special Jewish holiday of Passover.

Easter Basket Cupcakes

These delicious Easter Basket Cupcakes are a simple, creative holiday treat. These cupcakes sit in waffle bowls with festive coconut grass and jellybean eggs.

4th of July Cupcakes

Practice math and measurement with your third grader this Fourth of July by making these festive cupcakes!

Bake Healthy Dinner Cupcakes

Get your kindergartener involved in the kitchen by making healthy cupcakes loaded with veggies and protein in this fun cooking activity.

Spider Cupcakes

Spider cupcakes are creepy-crawly treats that are perfect for Halloween. These spider cupcakes make for a great Halloween party treat.

Zombie Cupcakes

Zombie cupcakes are baked goods that look as if they've been pulled fresh from a skull. Make zombie cupcakes this Halloween.

Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey cupcakes are quirky fowl-themed desserts that bring extra cheer to your Thanksgiving meal. Make turkey cupcakes that your kids will want to gobble up.

Bake Caramel Apple Spiced Cupcakes

This fall, bake some festive caramel apple cupcakes with your second grader and help her build her math skills while you're at it!

Apple Cider Cupcakes

Surprise your child by taking the apple cider from the fridge and transforming it into a wonderful treat!

Cupcake Menorah

Bake a cupcake menorah for a fun twist on the Hanukkah candelabra. This menorah isn't merely tasty, it's also a pretty presentation for the Festival of Lights.

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