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Fashions Through the Decades: Paper Dolls

Check out some of the coolest (and craziest!) fashions through the years with these great paper dolls.
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Historical Paper Doll: 1800s

What did women wear back in the 1800s? Give your child a fun paper craft, along with a mini history lesson, with this 1800s paper doll.

Paper Dolls: Wild West

These paper dolls are all ready to get dressed in some old, western costumes, but they're missing one thing: color!

Victorian Paper Doll

Learn more about the history of the United States by printing and playing with this fun and fashionable Victorian paper doll.

Historical Paper Doll: 1900s

This snappy outfit is reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin and other early Hollywood celebs. Enjoy a fun paper craft coloring and cutting out this paper doll.

Paper Doll Girl: 1910s

If your child loves fashion, give her a fun paper craft with a historical fashion paper doll! She'll learn a bit of American history as she colors.

Historical Paper Dolls: 1920s

Fashion can be fun, but also quite telling of the times. So teach your child a bit about the roaring twenties in the U.S. and color the beautiful paper doll!

Paper Doll Boy: 1920s

Learn a little about American fashion in the 1920s with a fun historical paper doll.

Historical Paper Dolls: 1930s

Your child can learn a bit about the Depression era, and can see what women wore back then, with this gorgeous 1930s paper doll.

Paper Doll Boy: 1930s

The 1930s were a tough decade for everyone in America. Give your child a beginning history lesson about the Depression era as she colors her paper doll.

History Paper Dolls: The 1940s

Learn more about World War II and this history of America with these fun and fashionable paper dolls.

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