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Coordinate Grid: Basic Practice with Sports!

For sports lovers, this coordinate grid worksheet is sure to be a hit. It's packed with baseballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and more!

Flip a Coin: Learning Probability

Is your second grader ready to learn probability? This worksheet--and a coin--are all the tools she needs to get some practice with the concept.

Graph Practice

Don't let your second grader forget graphs: review how to read a bar graph and pictograph with help from this handy quiz.

Fast Math Game

This fast math game requires just a deck of cards. Kids need to arrange cards from least to greatest, as fast as they can, by swapping adjacent cards.

Doing Data: Finding Range #2

This worksheet sets your second grader up with a few word problems that ask her to find the ranges of sets of data.

It's Freezing! Practice Finding Mode

This colorful worksheet will get your fifth grader practicing with mode: the number in a set of data that occurs most often.

Grid Basics: Let's Build a Community

If your child has ever played Battleship, chances are he's familiar with grids. Can your child help build a new town by drawing buildings on the grid map?

In the Middle: Practice Finding Median

Which gymnast's height is in the middle? Can your fifth grader figure it out using his median-finding power?

Comparing Pictographs: Football Time

In this math worksheet, kids compare two pictographs that record the number of footballs kicked and the number of footballs thrown on the field.

Finding the Average: Mean, Median, and Mode

Help the concept of averages sink in for your fifth grader with this worksheet all about finding the mean, median, and mode.

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