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Critter Subtraction Fun

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Critter Subtraction #12

This colorful Mr. Zebra math worksheet sparks your second grader's interest in subtraction while boosting her mental math skills.

Critter Subtraction #10

Subtraction is more fun with the help of critter friends. Give your second grader the company of a friendly fox as he does his at-home subtraction practice.

Critter Subtraction Fun #9

Randy the Raccoon needs some subtraction help! Can your second grader assist with a worksheet chock-full of double-digit subtraction?

Critter Subtraction Fun #7

Can your second grader stop the shark attack? Have her finish all of these double-digit subtraction problems before they get eaten up.

Critter Subtraction Fun #8

Working with his favorite critters, like Pat the Panda, makes subtraction more fun for your second grader.

Critter Subtraction Fun #5

This page is filled with double-digit subtraction, and Mark the Monkey needs to finish it before he can eat his bananas! Can your second grader help?

Critter Subtraction Fun #4

Ken the Kangaroo needs some help finding his way home. Your second grader can lead the way by completing this worksheet chock-full of double-digit subtraction.

Critter Subtraction Fun #11

Boy, this lion is lazy! Can your second grader help him out with some two-digit subtraction?

Critter Subtraction Fun #6

Can your second grader help Marco the Mouse reach his block of cheese? If he can complete a page full of double-digit subtraction, he may be able to assist!

Critter Subtraction Fun #13

Learn double-digit subtraction with Henry the Hippo! Show your second grader that subtraction is more fun with the help of friendly critters.

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