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Underwater Math

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Underwater Subtraction #28

Try this water-themed subtraction worksheet features kids jumping into a cool lake. Try this subtraction worksheet with your child this summer.

Underwater Subtraction #6

Get your second grader to practice two-digit subtraction and mental math with this colorful printable.

Underwater Subtraction #27

Practice two-digit subtraction with Mr. Lobster in this subtraction worksheet. This math worksheet is perfect for 2nd graders and young mathematicians.

Underwater Subtraction #7

Get your second grader to practice subtraction alongside a pretty pink flamingo!

Underwater Subtraction #14

Playing in the pool is the theme of this colorful two-digit subtraction worksheet.

Underwater Subtraction #15

Is your second grader fascinated by sea life? He can practice two-digit subtraction alongside an adorable turtle aquarium in this math worksheet.

Underwater Subtraction #11

Show your second grader how to fish for subtraction skills with this underwater worksheet.

Underwater Subtraction #13

Looking to give your second grader a little at-home subtraction help? She'll practice two-digit subtraction with carrying alongside a big green sea creature.

Underwater Subtraction #12

Your second grader won't mind practicing two-digit subtraction in the company of a few adorable ducks.

Underwater Subtraction #10

Get your second grader practicing two-digit subtraction and strengthening his mental math ability in style with this cute worksheet.

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