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Leprechaun Crossword

Enjoy a leprechaun crossword puzzle, to use and learn fun vocabulary!

Christmas in the Philippines

Get inspired by the traditions of the Philippines this holiday season!

Christmas in Germany

Three full days of Christmas celebration? The holidays season is pretty amazing in Germany!

Christmas in Mexico

If you're good in Mexico, the Three Wise Men might come on Christmas Day and leave you candy and money!

Three Little Pigs Story Map

Help your child comprehend his reading better by using this graphic organizer. Help him fill out the story map for The Three Little Pigs.

Christmas in France

Pretend you're spending the holidays in France as you discover the Christmas customs and culinary delights of a country half a world away!

Christmas in Sweden

Have you ever heard of Julbock, the Christmas goat, or Tomten, the gift-giving Christmas elf? Learn how to celebrate Christmas in Sweden!

Christmas in Italy

If you like presents, Italy is where you want to celebrate the holidays!

Christmas in Russia

Did you know that you could celebrate Christmas in December and then fly to Russia to celebrate the same holiday in January?

Christmas in New Zealand

Can you imagine celebrating Christmas in the summer? That's what the people in New Zealand do!

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