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Sight Words

Sight Words
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Spruce Up the Sight Word: Three

Add a little arts and crafts into the mix with this unique sight word worksheet! Your preschooler will have a blast with this early reading lesson.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Blue

Get your preschooler excited about reading with a fun sight word activity. Help her learn the word "blue" by coloring it and turning it into a cute creature.

Spruce Up the Sight Word: Yellow

Is your preschooler stressing about reading? Make her feel mellow yellow, with this pretty sight word worksheet!

Spruce Up the Sight Word: One

Looking for a way to make sight words fun? Show your preschooler this unique worksheet: a blend of crafting and reading!

Spruce Up the Sight Word: It

Help your preschooler color, cut, and paste his way to sight word mastery!

Spruce Up the Sight Word: I

On this printable kids can color the sight word, turn it into a crazy creature, and hang it up on their wall so they can practice reading it everyday.

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