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Mission: Shapes

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Mission: Shapes #8

Stellar students, get ready for a math mission from outer space! Your child will get to help this alien sort and color the different shapes in this worksheet.

Mission: Shapes #7

This arithmetic alien comes in peace! Can your child help him color and identify all the different shapes in this worksheet?

Mission: Shapes #6

Get ready for a stellar math mission! Your child will help his alien friend find and identify all the shapes in this worksheet.

Mission: Shapes #5

Give your child a review of her colors, and a lesson in identifying shapes! She'll be building fine motor skills as she colors, prepping her for handwriting.

Mission: Shapes #4

Here's a math sheet that also involves coloring! Challenge your child to identify the shapes in this worksheet by color coding them.

Mission: Shapes #3

Send your child on a math mission to find shapes! He'll get to color code the different shapes he sees, building his fine motor skills.

Mission: Shapes #2

Are you ready for a math mission? In this shapes worksheet, your child will help this alien collect shapes! He'll identify the shapes by color coding them.

Color Shapes

Greetings, stellar students! Here is a math mission that your child will enjoy: color code all the different shapes to help the alien complete his task.

Mission: Shapes #9

Boost your child's pre-geometry skills with an alien activity! He'll get to identify and color the different shapes in order to help his alien friend.

Mission: Shapes #10

This outer space visitor needs help finding shapes! Can your child help? He'll need to identify and color code all the different shapes in the worksheet.

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