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Scary Trees

Bend, twist, squish and press a paper bag into a tree! Once it's finished, your child's Halloween tree will look like it came right out of a scary fairy tale.

How to Make a Paper Lantern

Create a beautiful pop-up paper lantern and will serve as the perfect decoration at your next party.

Walking in Circles

This project will explore whether test subjects, deprived of points of reference, will, in attempting to walk a straight course, walk in circles.

Which Side of the Brain Draws the Best?

The objective of this science fair project is to determine whether drawing with the right side or the left side of your brain will produce a better picture.

Do Men and Women Really See Things Differently?

Evaluate gender differences in processing visual information.

What Kind Of Paper Airplane Works Best?

This science fair project idea lets you build your own wind tunnel and tests different models of paper airplane.

Evaluating the Influence of Birth Order on Personality

Evaluate whether birth order influences personality.

What's Your Learning Style?

This science fair project idea determines whether volunteers remember more information presented orally or visually or kinesthetically.

Memory? Do you Remember When? Is it a Boy Thing or a Girl Thing? Is There a Gender Difference?

Check out this cool science fair project idea to explore short and long term memory and whether there is gender differences in memory.

Can You Cook Using Only Sunlight?

Bake some cookies with an oven that collects sunlight and traps the shorter wavelengths (heat!).

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