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Math Games for Kindergarten

Learn and play at the same time! Silly games meet math practice in this collection perfect for any fun-loving kindergarten mathematician.
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Estimation Breakfast

Guessing is more than pure fun, it's also a key part of kindergarten math. Here's a fun way to bring estimation to the breakfast table.

Make Giant Dice!

Put numbers and letters together -- key kindergarten math and reading skills -- while creating a marvelous game piece for outdoor play!

Play the Build a Monster Game!

Play this game that lets you create your own silly monster drawing and helps your child practice her counting skills!

Play the Blue Bean Counting Game

Take math off the page and into the real world. This simple game gives kindergarten kids hands-on practice with basic addition.

Numerical Order

Practice counting, sequencing, and pattern recognition with your young learner in this fun math card game!

Number Sense

Play this fun matching game with your kindergartener! It's a great way to practice math and number skills with playing cards.

Easter Egg Race

This fun outdoor game will help your child develop her addition and subtraction skills and teach her basic arithmetic while keeping her active.

Amazing Maze: Tulip

If your child likes flowers, here's the maze for her. It features a tricky tulip, full of fun twists and turns.

Octopus Maze

Here's a silly maze that's sure to please. Can your child find her way through the friendly octopus maze and get to the starfish on the other side?

Caterpillar Dot-to-Dot

A connect the dots worksheet is like counting practice rolled up into fun with "drawing."

Connect the Dots Star Gazing

Connect the dots of this coloring page and reveal a sweet constellation!

Connect the Dots to Horton!

Practice counting with this fun connect-the-dots, inspired by Dr. Seuss's classic children's book Horton Hears a Who.

Lollipop Trail Game

Lollipop Trail is a fun printable board game that will entertain your kindergartener and help him practice counting, too!

Number Bingo 1

Counting and number recognition have never been more fun! Your kindergartener will love this colorful number bingo game.

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