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Simple Machines: Wedge

Wedge your way into physics fun! You and your child can learn a bit about one of the six simple machines with this worksheet all about the wedge.

Anatomy of a Bicycle

Bikes are a healthy, great way to get from one place to another! Use this bike chart to familiarize yourself with basic bike parts.

Compound Machines

Young inventors will have a blast with this worksheet on compound machines! Use three of the six machines together to make work easier.

Simple Machines: Screw

Did you know that the screw is actually one of the six simple machines? This handy machine helps to make work easier!

Inclined Plane

Introduce your child to the inclined plane, one of the six simple machines that helps to make work easier for us!

Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt

How many machines can you find around the house? You may find them where you least expect it!

What is Friction?

Have you ever felt the sting of rug burn or rope burn? That's friction at work! Learn a bit about this important physical force with a comprehensive worksheet.

Wheel and Axle

Crank out a better understanding of simple machines with this worksheet all about the wheel and axle!

Simple Machines: Lever

Pull the lever on learning! Get to know one of the six simple machines with this worksheet about the lever.

Learn About Force

When we push or pull an object, we exert force on it. Get your child thinking about force by challenging him to describe how each person is exerting force.

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