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The Growth Rate Of Pre-packaged Seeds vs. Seeds From Directly Inside the Fruit or Vegetable

Watch pre-packaged seeds and seeds taken from inside fruits and vegetables grow. Which ones will grow faster? Read more in this science fair project idea.

Microscopic Life is Everywhere

Protozoa and ciliate and amoeba, oh my! The objective of this science fair project is for students to use a microscope and identify microscopic life.

Will A Plant Still Grow Even When You Put Something On Top Of It?

Find out whether putting something on top of a plant will inhibit its growth.

Garbage Plants

Science fair project which determines whether plants are able to get enough nutrients from different types of garbage.

Greenhouse Project

This science fair project idea teaches how the gases and pollution in the air affect the earth's atmosphere temperature.

Salinity and Hatching Brine Shrimp Eggs

Brine shrimp usually live in saltwater. Investigate how salt concentration (salinity) affects the rate at which brine shrimp eggs hatch.

Effect of Low Water on a Seedling Root System

This project examines the impact of low water on a radish seedling root system. How is growth affected?

What Kinds of Water Yield Fastest Plant Growth?

Examine whether distilled water, spring water, or regular tap water yield faster plant growth.

Plants Need Sunlight and Water

This project is a vivid, concrete introduction to the basic but important idea that plants need sunlight and water to grow.

Cook Seeds Before Planting?

The purpose of this science fair project is to investigate whether cooking seeds before planting will speed up germination and growth.

Do Plants Experience Pollution? Will Plants Grow More or Less or be Unaffected when Grown in Polluted Soil?

This fun and easy middle school science fair project idea explores the topic of pollution and demonstrates if polluted soil affect the growth of green plants.

Do Plants Need Water?

Science fair project which determines if plants really do need water to grow, or whether they just need to be kept wet.

With and Without: Is Light on the Soil Needed for Mustard Seed Germination?

In this science fair project, you will determine whether light exposure on soil is essential in the growth of mustard seeds.

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