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Honors Algebra Activities

Activities for 8th grade honors algebra class.
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Use Algebra to Find the Best-Priced Pizza!

Here's an activity that uses second-semester high school algebra to determine which pizza gives you the most bang for your appetite. Here's how to get started:

SAT Math: A Game of Sequence

Recognizing number patterns is an important ability on the SAT. Here's a game that teaches your student some of the most common sequences in mathematics.

SAT Math: Strange Symbols

Here's an activity that will help her figure out the meaning of strange operators by understanding how to use the code key.

SAT Espionage: Cracking the Test-Makers' Code

The SAT likes to replace numbers with letters. Here's a game that will show your teen that cracking the code is a lot easier than it looks.

SAT Math: The Distance Formula

Riddles about two trains passing in the night are often featured on SAT tests. Help break these problems down into five easy steps.

Algebra Sleuth: Proof that 1 = 2?

Challenge your high school student to find the flaw in this short mathematical proof that one is equal to two.

The Amazing Equation Race

Here's an interactive, fast-paced game that will make your fifth grader feel more comfortable with simple equations.

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