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Maya's 2014 Summer Book # 1

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Area and Circumference of a Circle

Put your geometry skills to the test by figuring out the area, circumference, diameter and radii of these delicious cookies!

Frog vs. Toad

Think toads and frogs are the same? Think again! Check out this breakdown of the differences between the two, complete with a quiz to check your new knowledge.

New Species: Pancake Batfish

So what on earth is this funky creature? He is a Louisiana Pancake Batfish, one of several brand new species discovered within the past two years.

Color by Number: Cell

The cell is the "building block of all life." Young biologists will learn about some of its most important parts by completing this color by number worksheet.

Animal Fun: Elephants

Did you know an elephant can eat 300 pounds of food in one day? This fun worksheet is jam-packed with fun facts, a word search and trivia, all about elephants!

Inside-Out Anatomy: The Bone

Check out the structure of a bone in this "Inside-Out Anatomy" worksheet.

Washington Crossing the Delaware

Study a bit of history about the American Revolutionary War with this information page about Washington's famous crossing of the Delaware River.

Famous Women in History

Meet a few of America's most inspirational female figures with this history sheet. Your student will match up each woman with her accomplishment.

Butterfly KenKen® Puzzle

This level 1 puzzle is perfect for getting your middle school student started with KenKen®, a math operations and logic game from Japan!

Taiga Ecosystem

This huge ecosystem's name "taiga" comes from the Russian word for "forest". Learn all about the taiga with this fun worksheet!

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