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Algebra Practice Problems #2

Need some help with algebra? Your child will practice simplifying algebra equations as he solves for 'x'.

Halloween Algebra #2

Don't get spooked by algebra! Here is a fun Halloween sheet that will give your student plenty of practice solving for X with long addition problems.

Number Sequences

Learn about different number patterns and relationships! Review basic math skills as to figure out the missing number in each sequence.

Comparing Algebraic Equations

Test your algebra ace with a few algebraic equations. He'll solve each equation and determine if one is greater than, less than or equal to the other!

Combining Like Terms

Introduce your middle school student to some basic algebra concepts. He'll work with variables and exponents as he combines like terms.

Greater Than, Less Than Equations

Help your child practice 'greater than', 'less than' or 'equal to' with mathematical equations. Review the order of operations to solve each problem!

Solving Algebraic Equations

Build up your child's confidence with algebra using this practice sheet. He'll solve for A in simple equations and then be challenged with multiple variables.

Algebra Expressions

Assist your child with algebra and review the order of operations: division and multiplication before addition and subtraction, left to right.

Practice Algebra Equations

Does your child need more help with algebra? She'll get a chance to practice some algebraic equations as she solves for x.

Introduction to Algebraic Expressions

Two important concepts are needed for algebraic success: order of operations and combining like terms. Learn all about them with this practice sheet.

How to Find the Median

Get some practice finding the median (the middle number) of a data set that has an even amount of numbers in it.

Beginning Algebra

Give your child some practice with beginning algebra. He'll practice forming an algebraic equation from word problems and sentences, and he can solve for X.

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