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Area for Kids

How big is your hand? Here's a fun activity to help kids learn the concept of area.

Monkey Math: Add the Bananas

With this first grade math worksheet, kids count and add bananas to find sums up to 9.

Count and Add the Scoops

This fun first grade math worksheet uses ice-cream scoops to help kids practice counting and single-digit vertical addition.

Counting Coins: Pennies and Nickels II

Teach your first grader about money with this simple counting worksheet. Your child will count each group of coins, then write their total value on the line.

Counting Pennies

Kids learn the appearance and value of pennies, count pennies, and write the number of cents for the pennies on this first grade math worksheet.

Addition Picture Graphs

Explore some stellar math concepts with this worksheet on adding multiple digits. Fill in the pictograph to help you visualize the problem first.

Connect the Dots: Practice Skip Counting by Fives

Children skip count by fives to connect the dots and discover the hidden picture.

Number Jumble

Review addition and subtraction concepts by matching up the like equations.

Basic Addition

An apple a day keeps the doctor away--and the math tutor! This colorful worksheet entices first graders to practice single-digit addition and counting.

Around the House

Use this fun math board game to improve your first grader's confidence with addition facts.

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