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Addition Fact Families: Reach for the Stars #1

Review addition fact families with your child to help him reach for the stars! A mix of addition and subtraction will sharpen his math skills.

Reach for the Stars #2

Addition and subtraction fact families get a lift from this squad of rocket ships. Help your child practice addition and subtraction with this worksheet.

Reach For The Stars #4

Addition and subtraction fact families are blasting off the page. They're grouped neatly together and ready for your kid to learn them backwards and forwards.

Reach For The Stars #3

Help a squadron of spaceships blast off to the stars by completing these addition and subtraction math facts.

Baseball Subtraction

Take a swing at math practice with baseball subtraction! Your child will get to solve some simple one and two-digit subtraction problems.

Find the Difference II

This first grade subtraction worksheet will help improve your child's math skills, while giving him a fun riddle to solve.

Subtraction Facts: Cupcake Subtraction

Want to soothe those subtraction woes? Cupcakes to the rescue! This neat, sweet worksheet will guide your kid through subtraction facts.

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