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Pre-K Math

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Weather Comparisons

This weather comparisons worksheet challenges kids to recognize different sizes of snowflakes, clouds, and more. Practice weather comparisons with your child.

Create a Calendar: December

Put your kid's counting skills to work with this fill-in-the-date calendar page. Full of fun pictures to color, you don't have to worry about him getting bored.

How Many Are There? Treats

This worksheet is a fun way to help preschoolers work on counting and ease into addition. This one has a food theme. How many yummy treats are there?

Addition with Pictures: Leaves

No matter what the season, preschoolers will love to learn to count with this fun, easy "Addition with Pictures" worksheet featuring fall leaves.

Animal Tails For Kids #4

Uh-oh! These furry friends have lost their tails. Can your child help match up the right tail to each animal?

Animal Tails For Kids #3

Which tail goes with which animal? Help your preschooler learn to sort and categorize with this fun activity.

Cut and Categorize #3

Does a sea star live in the air? Or underwater? Ask your preschooler to sort out the object into their correct categories--"up in the air" or "underwater."

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