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Writing Prompt: Mystery

Everyone loves a mystery! Give your budding writer a chance to create her own fictional story based on this picture writing prompt. What will happen next?

Creative Writing: Acceptance Speech

Celebrate your successes with a fun writing prompt! Your child will have fun using her imagination and honing her writing skills with this writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Cursed Treasure

How hard could it be to get rid of a cursed treasure chest? Your fifth grader will enjoy making up a story to go along with this illustration!

Writing Prompt: Haunted House

What lurks inside this spooky house? Your 5th grader can invent her own scary story based on this haunting illustration!

Writing Prompt: Monster in the Closet

Are there monsters in the closet? Your 5th grader will use her imagination to create a fun story based on this illustration!

Picture Writing Prompt

A soccer ball flies toward the goalie, but what happens next? Let your budding writer create his own story, using this picture prompt as a starting point.

Sci Fi Writing Prompt: End of the World

What if you were the last person on earth? Give your child some fun writing practice with this sci-fi writing prompt.

Creative Writing: Cyclops!

What will happen to this cave-man? Your 5th grader can decide by writing a creative and exciting story to go with this illustration.

Picture Writing Prompt: Twister!

Look out, a twister is headed this way! This tornado writing prompt is sure to trigger a creative story from your young writer.

Creative Writing: Dragons

Is the sleeping dragon a watchdog or a pet? Your fifth grader can write her own story with this fun writing prompt.

Tell a Tale!

Monster footprints in a dark forest sets the scene for a super scary story! This picture prompt will help your child practice creative writing.

Picture Writing Prompt: Sea Monster

A day of fishing is interrupted by a giant sea monster! What happens next? This writing prompt will help your student stretch his imagination.

Creative Writing: Mystery Letter

A letter is found in an attic. There's a mystery ahead! Your young author can use his imagination to create a fictional story based on this writing prompt.

Creative Writing: Time Machine

Your little writer will use his imagination to bend time and space with this creative writing prompt. Where will he go and what will he see?

Creative Writing: Under the Sea

Being a fish might be fun! Your young writer can write his own under the sea story with this creative writing prompt.

Creative Writing for Kids: Make a Sundae

Have a blast completing this mouth-watering writing exercise by writing down the steps you would take to create the perfect ice cream sundae.

Creative Writing for Kids: Millionaire

Use your imagination to decide what you would do if you had a million dollars! Write about it in this creative writing exercise.

Creative Writing for Kids: Restaurant Owner

Encourage your fourth grader to put his writing skills and imagination to good use by imagining that he is opening up a restaurant and writing about it!

Creative Writing for Kids: Pet Dinosaur

Fourth graders can practice writing and storytelling in this creative writing exercise based on a make-believe pet dinosaur!

Descriptive Writing Prompt

If your student is experiencing some writer's block, give her a fun activity to practice descriptive writing! She'll write about if she owned her own shop.

Descriptive Writing: Video Game

Got a video game geek on your hands? Give him a fun alternative with this creative writing sheet, where he'll get to make up his own video game!

Creative Writing: Electricity

These days, we seem wired to our electronics! Challenge your child to imagine a world without electricity in this creative writing prompt.

Creative Writing: Living Underwater

Ever wish you could breathe underwater? This creative writing prompt asks your child to imagine if humans could live underwater!

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