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Complete a White House Maze!

Challenge your third grader to complete this perplexing maze modeled after the White House.

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Page

Introduce your child to President Abraham Lincoln with this fun coloring page.

George Washington Coloring Page

Introduce George Washington, the first president of the United States, to your child with this fun coloring page!

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance

Has your child memorized the Pledge of Allegiance? Help her learn the words with this fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

Barack Obama Coloring Page

Your child will have fun adding color to President Obama's picture in addition to learning that he is our country's forty-fourth president.

Color by Number: The Presidential Seal

This color-by-number printable lets your child play with color and learn the emblem of the President of the United States!

3 Types of Resources

Help your child understand a basic concept of economics with a worksheet on resources! He'll review three types of resources: human, natural and capital.

What Are Resources?

Resources are an important concept in economics. Introduce your child to three different types of resources with a fun worksheet!

Examples of Goods and Services

Your child will learn the difference between goods and services in this fun intro to economics worksheet.

Apple Names and Johnny Appleseed

Introduce your child to one charming character â Johnny Appleseed! Then, can you guess three of the apple names on the page?

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