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Question or Statement?

Knowing the difference between a question and a statement can even trip up adults!

Get into Grammar: Capitalizing Proper Nouns

Help your child wrap his head around capitalization and proper nouns with this worksheet that asks him to rewrite each sentence with the correct capitalization.

Nouns: Make It Proper

On this third grade reading and writing worksheet, kids learn about common and proper nouns, then write a proper noun to go with each common noun.

Proper Nouns

Kids will familiarize themselves with different types of proper nouns by using their imaginations to think up and write down examples of their own.

Commas in Lists

Join the Oxford comma debate, and practice using commas in lists, with this worksheet about comma usage.

Punctuation: In the Garden

Use this fun plant-themed worksheet to help teach basic punctuation

Punctuation Mark Exercises

Help your first grader get a handle on punctuation with this colorful punctuation fill-in.

Perfect Punctuation: Commas in a Series

Using commas correctly is a tricky skill to learn. Give your child the extra practice she needs with this punctuation worksheet.

Fix the Letter: Commas and Capitalization

Can your first grader help Lisa proofread her letter by fixing the commas and correcting the capitalization?

Commas and Lists

Here's your child's chance to practice commas in lists and sentences. This colorful worksheet is part of a set that keeps punctuation practice fun!

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