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Abbreviations for Words

Finish each sentence by selecting between the correct and bogus abbreviation provided.

Compound Word Puzzle

Work on word-building with this fun activity that doubles as an English exercise.

Compound it!

Searching for a worksheet to help your kid with compound words? This printable will help her get a grasp on two-part words like "goldfish."

Putting Words Together

In this worksheet, your child will explore this definition, by putting pairs of words together to make common compound words.

Make Compound Words

Learn how we make compound words with a helpful practice sheet! Your child will practice putting two words together to form a compound word.

Compound Words for Kids

Can your second grader take the words in this "sock pile" and transform them into compound words?

Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #12

Compound words are much like addition, but with words instead of numbers. Can your second grader add up the words on this worksheet?

Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #13

Can your second grader pick the correct compound words to complete these sentences?

Get a Grip on Grammar: Compound Words #4

Give your second grader a grammar boost: This worksheet asks her to sort out the words on the stamps, and then form new compound words from them.

Compound Words: Word to Word

On this second grade reading worksheet, kids connect words in the first column to words in the second column to make compound words. Then they write the words.

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