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Stretch a Sentence

Stretch those writing skills with this "stretch a sentence" activity! Little writers will learn to expand on an idea by adding more details to a sentence.

Complete the Sentence: Common Sight Words

Combining writing and sight word practice, this complete-the-sentence worksheet is packed with learning.

Color by Short Vowel Sound

Help your first grader practice sounding out short vowels with a fun coloring activity.

Long "a" Sound

These sentences are each missing a word! Can your child fix them? This worksheet will help her recognize long-vowel patterns and spell them correctly.

Long "A" Sound: Follow Long A

From snake to candy cane, kids follow the long a sound to find their way to the end of the maze.

Er, Ir, Ur Words

Get a handle on your r-controlled vowels with this reading worksheet that focuses on "er", "ir" and "ur".

Vowel Blends: "ie" and "ei"

Sort out your vowel sounds with this exercise that investigates "ie" and "ei" sounds.

Words That End in Y

Help your first grader learn about words that end in y and the different sounds they make.

Long "E" Words

Help train your first grader's ear to pick up the long e sound with this worksheet that asks her to sort out words with a long e sound.

Y As Long E

When "Y" acts like a vowel, it can make a few different sounds. Sometimes it is a long "E", and other times it's a long "I".

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