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Er, Ir, Ur Words

Get a handle on your r-controlled vowels with this reading worksheet that focuses on "er", "ir" and "ur".

Vowel Blends: "ie" and "ei"

Sort out your vowel sounds with this exercise that investigates "ie" and "ei" sounds.

Words That End in Y

Help your first grader learn about words that end in y and the different sounds they make.

Long "E" Words

Help train your first grader's ear to pick up the long e sound with this worksheet that asks her to sort out words with a long e sound.

Y As Long E

When "Y" acts like a vowel, it can make a few different sounds. Sometimes it is a long "E", and other times it's a long "I".

Thanksgiving Color by Number

This Thanksgiving color-by-number celebrates the friendship between early settlers and the local natives. Try this Thanksgiving color-by-number with your child.

Reading Roundup: Find the Long U Vowels

Help your second grader learn about long vowel sounds with this fun reading worksheet that asks him to round up all the words with long "u" sounds.

Learning Long Vowels: Long U

Help your first grader get to know long u words by matching words and pictures with the long u sound.

Long Vowel "U"

Can you tell which words have a long "U" sound? Here's a helpful clue: the long "U" vowels make the sound of the letter "U"!

Short U Long U Worksheet

Short u long u worksheets help kids practice their phonics skills. This exercise uses fun images to teach kids about all the sounds the letter u makes.

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