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Preschool Addition

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Preschool Addition #3

Help your preschooler get ahead in his math studies with this simple addition worksheet. He'll solve single digit problems that strengthen early math skills.

Preschool Addition #8

Pineapples and addition make a great pair. Help your preschooler learn the basics of addition with this simple worksheet, designed especially for little kids.

Preschool Addition #9

Introduce your preschooler to simple addition with this series.

Preschool Addition #10

Learn simple addition with watermelons. This simple addition worksheet for preschoolers is perfect for introducing your young scholar to the subject.

Preschool Addition #11

Preschooler students who have mastered counting can move on to simple addition. This addition worksheet is perfect for the new mathematician.

Preschool Addition #12

If your preschooler is an expert counter, he may be ready for addition. Help him continue his mathematical education with this simple addition worksheet.

Preschool Addition #13

Get your preschooler prepped for next year with a simple addition worksheet. Preschoolers who excel at counting will enjoy moving up in their math education.

Preschool Addition #14

Preschoolers can get a head start on math with simple addition problems. Kids who have mastered counting can use this worksheet as an introduction to addition.

Preschool Addition #15

Preschoolers who can count quickly and easily may be ready for a little addition. This worksheet lets your child practice solving simple addition problems.

Preschool Addition #16

If your preschool student is a master counter, it might be time for him to move on to addition. This worksheet will help your child learn simple addition.

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