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Find the Letters Worksheets

Students try to find the different letters of the alphabet in the pictures.
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Find the Letters: "Y"

How many letter Y's can you find in this picture? Give your little one a fun way to practice her ABC's with a coloring page!

Find the Letters: "D"

Here's a fun way to help your little one review her ABC's! She'll be a letter detective, and try to find all the letter D's in this picture as she colors it.

Find the Letters: "M"

These marvelous monsters will help you and your little one review the ABC's! See how many letter M's you can find in this picture as you color.

Find the Letters: "I"

I spy with my little eye... the letter "I"! Here's a great way to help your child identify her alphabet letters.

Find the Letters: "T"

"T" is for train, or trolley or track! Your little one will be terrific at identifying the letter "T" after she completes this coloring page.

Find the Letters: "S"

These slithering snakes are here to sneak in some alphabet practice! As your child colors, she'll search for all the letter S's hidden throughout.

Find the Letters: "C"

This crazy cat picture is full of C's! Can your little one find them all? She'll have a blast coloring this picture as she reviews her ABC's.

Find the Letters: "P"

This picture's got plenty of P's! How many can your child find? Have fun while reviewing the ABC's with this alphabet coloring page.

Find the Letters: "R"

Get ready for a real review of the letter "R"! Your kindergartener can practice her letter recognition skills as she colors this picture.

Find the Letters: "Z"

How many Z's can you find in this picture? Help your child review her ABC's the fun way, with this coloring page full of hidden Z's.

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